Sahra’s Story: Dying for lack of food, clean water and diseases

Sahra’s Story: Dying for lack of food, clean water and diseases

Hargeisa (Radio Koor)- Sahra Hassan Abdillah is mother of 7 children. She lives with her children in a poor people’s village of Sheikh Omer, eight kilometers away from Hargeisa, Somaliland in the southwest. The family didn’t eat a food or get clean water in days amid of severe drought in the country.

A team of journalists from Radio Koor led by Ilyas Abdi – The Radio’s Chief Editor, have paid a visit to her house. Sahra is simply too poor to feed her children properly. During the interview with Sahra, she told our team that the two youngest children live with unknown health problem and their parents can’t afford the medical expenses even medical checkup. Their mother showed a desperate hope for their condition and wait until they will leave this world with their unhealthiness.

“This child [Pointing the finger to one child] is very sick and has more fever and heavily breathing, we have been told he has bronchitis and this other child is also ill. I have only that young girl who struggle and try to work in the house, but I only keep and hold the two boys,” Sahra told Radio Koor.


The 35 years old mother and her children live in an insanitary house and they didn’t wash any clothes for the last month because lack of water. They don’t even remember the last time they drink clean water or even got soap for themselves. They became weak and can’t move or they ever barely talk low tone words as the result of lacking the food and nutrients they needed. Some of their neighbors who also share their poor conditions gave little white rice to cook and fill the empty stomach for a day. “The children are weak because of the malnutrition. They are untidy because I don’t have water to clean their clothes or even to take a shower and that made them and our home unhygienic.” She told the interviewer.

Beside the father of the family is a jobless, Sahra’s brother and mother whose financial assistance was the only source of help they used to receive, have recently passed away. During the interview, Sahra cannot hold of the tears from her eyes as a sign of the difficult situation she is going through along with her family. The only hope of this family has been constrained to disappear as the oldest son, eight years old, has been forcedly took all the money he hardly earn as a shoeshiner by other children on his way to home.  “Since then I stopped him going to down town to work as a shoeshiner because iam afraid he will get hurted.” Sahra said in a very weak voice.

Although they live in a misery condition but they are waiting a help from their society or even anyone who feel their condition. The mother is not only worrying about her children, rather she faces very difficult health conditions.

  Some time I face intra-uterine fetal death and nearly bleeding to death, also I face complication in pregnancy or child birth because I delivered all of my children at home (Buul – Somali hut).” concluded the mother.

Recently, for impoverished families can’t afford food, because the modest increase in food prices can have devastating consequences. Hunger is one of the leading child killers in our world, contributing to more than half of all child deaths.

Translated by Ibrahim Khadar/Radio Koor

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