Somaliland: Dropping out the school for only three dollars

Somaliland: Dropping out the school for only three dollars

Hargeisa, Somaliland (Radio Koor) –Abdi Farah Barkhad is a father of seven children, he lives in Hargeisa. Though his family is effected by the droughts, but he has been struggling to keep his children in school hopping that their education would be one day the exit door of their poor situation.

“I used to work as a watchman but now Iam sick and unemployed. My wife is the breadwinner of the family and works at teashop in the market, but her earning is not enough to be lived.” He told Radio Koor.

Beside the droughts that hit Somaliland, there has been also market inflation which mostly effected the poor people. Abdi Farah stated that four of his children were enrolled to intermediate school but now three of them were dropped out of school because lacking of financial income.

“I cannot afford to pay their school fee, so I decided them to stay at home. They would have been form one in the secondary school by now, but i could not pay three dollars each of them per month. They left in standard eight.’ He said, “The fourth child goes to school and my wife struggles to get the fee which some months cannot afford to pay. My children are dropped out of school because of only three dollars each.” He added.

Although Somaliland government officially declared that the Intermediate education is free, but most of the poor families are oppressing by the unaffordable fees that they should pay their children to learn at schools.


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