“I don’t know if my family are dead:” Why I left my family

“I don’t know if my family are dead:” Why I left my family

Hargeisa, Somaliland (Radio Koor) – Its been almost two months when Khadar Abdillahi Abdi – 15 years old, lost the contact of his family. He is the oldest son of six children of their family. He used to live in a rural area in Ethiopia with his family.

Khadar has been living with his family in a semi-desert rural area in Ethiopia, but when the life became difficult his parents asked him help.

“My parent asked me to go where ever I can get income to survive because the hard situation we live in as the result of the drought.” He told Radio Koor in Hargeisa where he works as bus conductor. “Then, I came here in Hargeisa to work whatever I come across. Now as you can see iam conductor.” He added.

He works 12 hours a day but get 2 dollars in return. Despite he is a young whose age gets care from their parents or relatives, Khadar has personally suffered from hard work, missing his family and less earning.

“I have not been in contact my family and don’t know if they are dead or alive because I don’t have where to contact to reach them.” He said. “But at least I sent them rice and other small food from what I have been keeping for a month for them to survive.” He added. Khadar told Radio Koor that few goats were remaining when he left from his family and now don’t know what has left. Though he worries about the livestock, but his main concern is how his family could survive from what he has been witnesses back his home in Ethiopia.

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