Drought-ruined families: Leaving the children behind searching for a life

Drought-ruined families: Leaving the children behind searching for a life

Gabiley, Somaliland (Radio Koor) –Mustafe Shukri Abdi has been struggling getting fundamental life basics for his family as the result of the drought. He is a father of two. He left his children with their mother searching for a better place they can survive. Mustafe, 28 years old, has walked almost 400km from Odweine (East of Somaliland) to Wajale – Ethiopian border to the west with 10 sheep and goats, to get a grass for his few sheep that drought has left out of his 120 sheep and goats.

“I left my family behind [In Odweine, eastern Somaliland] to observe if we can get what to survive here,” Mustafe said while he was hiding himself under a plastic sheet from the hot sun that made him sweaty in Ilko-weine village, Wajale suburbs.

Odweine is one of the most drought effected places in the country. A team of journalists from Koor Media Inc. has travelled to Wajale to share communities’ stories to our wider audience. During our visit, despite the widely spread drought, our team learnt what drove hundreds of poor and displaced people from across Somaliland, like Mustafe to this area. Wajale and surrounding areas has got a very small rain in the past weeks, that is what moved him and other families to here, but his hope of getting grass for his few goats has ended.

“My hope was to get a grass for my livestock rather other two goats has gone because lacking of water and grass. My hope ended up with under plastic sheets.’ Mustafe said. “During my walk from Odweine to here, I found the lifeless, sodden carcasses of the livestock. It was laid down in everywhere. This drought has effected everyone.” He added.

The drought has been severely affected throughout most of the Horn of Africa countries, the Somali territories in particular. This three-long years’ drought was the result of failing rainfalls in three consecutive years. More families are suffering for getting fundamental life basics.

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